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The New Academic Year is about to kick-off. What are you trying to change in your mode of delivery as an Educator or Teacher? Are you going back to school this Academic Year in this 21st Century Traditionally? Dear Educators, things has changed. I wish I can be there to tell you about "The Power of Blended-Learning"; a technological driven approach of teaching and learning where Trainers engages learners both within and outside the classroom. An approach where learners don't come to your class to discover the subject and objective of the lesson. I wish to inform you that Blended Learning is here to stay, because all you need in your class is collaboration. Get your learners involved so they can discover for themselves. We are tired of teaching them only to pass an exams/Test..

Teachers, you are great! You are the best, but please reduce the talking and leave the talking to your learners. They've all received your assignment and home works, they have the eBooks or Shared files. Lessons could be created with some few questions in a weekly basis according to your scheduled Note of lessons. Point them to those weekly assignments and Let them share what they've learnt with you. Invite your Learners to share with you and other learners what you sent to them as an assignment.

Measure/Track the learner performances before you come to the class for interaction and collaboration. This can be done while you are about to go to bed using your Mobile Device and repeat same while in the bus to school. Before you get to the class you are well-informed. You will know their performances and you will be able to carry everyone in the class along during the collaboration period. Give learners opportunity to ask questions about the lesson, share their understanding about the lesson.

If you follow this pattern, your carrier as educator and Teacher will be greatly improved and You will have enough time to take care of yourself, and above all, your learners will be better equipped for tomorrows requirement.

Core Features

Features include, Marketplace (eBook and Interactive Lesson) from external Publishers. Daily, weekly and class assignment.

Upgrades and Updates

A free customized application with free upgrade give our clients rooms to improve  usability and users experience with free periodic and scheduled updates and upgrades making our clients fell secured and productive.

Learning Management System (LMS) Package

eMLearner LMS is a full packed Learning Management program that allows Teachers and Trainers to easily create Lessons without guides. With its intuitive 7-Questions and advanced Custom Question-Answer Type Lessons. Allowing a complete Paperless in Teaching and Learning. The new Feature; Custom Evaluation Answer allow Teachers to mark all theoretical questions easily.

Share Lessons, Files, and collaborate alongside your students and co-teachers and students anytime, anywhere. Automatic Archive lesson is provided to move all expired lesson to a location that allow ease in navigation to new lesson.

School Management System

eMLearner ERP is a complete school management software that allows fee collections in your various access point and several levies managed in one place and giving you and your administration automatic fund management. All payments are tracked giving your financial management a clean transaction records..


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