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eMLearner is an All-In-One Learning Management and School Management Application. It provide training organization with a one-Stop solution to all educational needs from Start to finish. eMLearner  is a full range of Modules comprising:

Lesson Management the most effective and interactive lesson with 8s-Question-and Answer type. Teachers develop lesson at ease using our on-the-go multi-channel lesson creation tool, customized to suite class need. Lesson is published on creation and synchronized among the platforms and viewed on all devices promoting a complete paperless technology. Lessons are placed on intervals and timelines, putting trainers and learners on their toes. The additional Custom Question type give teachers ability to evaluate the students individually and provide the valuable grades.

Course Management Complete Course management tool that allow assignment of Courses and Subject to students at ease. Lessons are stored in Lesson Achieve, all deleted lesson are stored in Lesson Trash, same is applicable to share files. Every student have designated course and subject, easily categorized for smooth studies.

User Management  Provide sub admin, Teacher, Student, Open users and Operators, this group of users are unique and easy to manage. Hierarchical Permission that provide excellent accessibility to each users. User export, Import and Achieve users allow the system to keep track of every users in the system.

Collaboration Tools  This provide school with opportunity to manage File Sharing in (PDF, MS WORD, EXCEL, PowerPoint etc..), It also allow Project works, Time-Table, News, Notification in Both SMS and Email, Collaboration Board or Forum which allows students and teachers to share information and communicate,

Admission Module  is one of the most important module in Learning Management System, which allows schools to centrally management new applicant through a link

Academic Results: Usage and performance statistics allows administration to measure trainer and learner performances on specific course. Results centre allows trainers to manage learner results and allow learner to have full confidence with the trainer.

Attendance ModuleProvide a day to day recording of both the Learner and Trainer Class participation. Attendance system record only absenteeism making easier to calculate daily class participation as part of the continuous assessment.

Report and Statistics  is the admin and teachers tools that is used to track and monitor student's activities in the system. This include, Student Performance Report and Statistics, Student's Lesson report and statistics. These are further streamlined into various Analytics;

Finance Module  This provide school with opportunity to manage its finances with ease. Finance module help school and organization to mange fees, defaulters, reports and transaction details based on period of times.

Inventory Management is a software for tracking inventory levels, orders, sales and deliveries.  It helps the organization to keep their stores and stocks accurately.

Human Resource - Management of Staffs, Leave, Salary and employment make easy using Human resource system.

Hostel Management allows schools to manage their hostel/Dormitory by setting up virtual Hostels, Rooms and allocation of beds and room within each hostel locations. It helps hostel administration so know vacant beds, rooms for each hostel. Hostel payment and tracking is very easy.

Transport Management is one of the module that allows organization to track their Buses and Cars, allow Routes and sub-routes management, it allow bus allocation based on routes. Payment of transport fee are easy  reporting on the conditions of vehicles.

Technology Features

Android, Web,  allow you to defeat the barriers of internet connectivity and allows both trainer and learner to learn anytime, anywhere, any device, both offline and online.

  • Android offline sync
  • Create Lesson  and sync online at wireless spots for your audience
  • Learn and create your files and share it online
  • Work on your assignment online and walk into the wireless spot to submit it
  • Have you entire education curriculum on your palm.

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